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When Oysters Refuse to Spawn Spats

lovers bump hollow

teeth instead of lips


forget Adam’s Eve

and the god we know

refuses to utter the first word.

Chaos yawns wide open

spouts empty oyster shells

into Mersea’s Strood.

Messy Geographies

What if all the lines upon all the maps

were to disappear?

The Great Lakes might rise, spill over,  and flood

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan.

The Mississippi River might change its course

and the Gulf of Mexico dry up with one giant squelch.

California might secede, finally fall into the Pacific

and Hollywood destroy itself with too many lies.

Maybe North Carolina and Washington state musicians

will unite and New York collapse upon itself.

The Mason Dixon line will shift to the Florida Keys

the North and South forget their differences.

Midwestern states will negotiate their reconciliation

become havens to the meek and weary.

Maine might join Canada once and for all and Nebraska

will be the number one vacation destination.

The Grand Canyon will remain, as ever, the same cavity it has worked

so hard to become; the buffalo to roam the Great Plains once more.

And maybe men and women will set each

other free from trivial expectations.

The problem is: lines will always be drawn

that we may know where we stand

that we may fold maps into eternity

that we may find our way from one state of being

to another in search of a place to call home

of another to call “my love.”

But, really, what if all the lines upon

all the maps were to disappear?

We’d begin anew with the promise

of a blank page, hoping

that the lines we draw

will connect rather than divide.

Working Poem Notes 1

Softshell Down-time.

In June our pond nearly dried completely.

At the end five pits remained, nesting thick streams—

the last buzzard tracks lead out to circle

a surprising tomato vine and green-grey ropes rising

 through separating boat boards.

The old sun was blacking and bleaching fish bones,

exoskeletons that fell and failed to stretch after changing.


When it rained, it poured frogs with throats welting,

 tree frogs through the cat door and sunroof: July pooled

in a sweet tea sheen over the tall-shooting grass:

Rose to life more mosquitos than anyone could remember.

In August the stink gave way to three gators, two moons

(one blue) and clouds of bats diving.


September was a sand-trap,

the stain of porch resin melting.


Payne's Prairie

Come join Alexandra Ramirez and Amanda-Gaye Smith Friday from 7-11pm August 31st at Display Gallery in Gainesville Florida for their presentation of “Prairie Bones: The Dust Chapter”, an installation and couture exploration of the urban and natural decay in Alachua County.

Dancescapes 8×8 Weekend Workshop SCHEDULE!

8×8 Weekend Dance Workshop Location Revealed!

Our workshop will take place at an empty space on the corner of 11th and Pacific in downtown Tacoma. This used to be an old bank, but during the weekend of August 25th it will come alive with the sound of dancing feet and music and joy. The space presents us with a great opportunity for some interesting new work:

Support Danielle Russo Dance Company!

Only 35 hours to reach their goal,  Danielle Russo Dance Company needs your help to go to Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival!  Find out more and pledge at!

Something we should all think about…

Please read this article, written by Lightsey Darst on Huffington Post!  Some good arguments in regards to labor standards in the dance world:

Also, see other posts (“The Poorest Art: Dance and Money”) by Lightsey Darst:

the [danc[e]scapes] project

The Dancescapes Project is pleased to share our official logo with the community! Designed by Noah Livermore, the logo represents our mission to create and share dance that defies the gravitational pull of traditional dance conventions. We are very excited about becoming a permanent fixture in the Tacoma area and eventually expanding further to other landscapes far and wide.

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CALL to Dance Professionals // Pacific Northwest

The Dancescapes Project presents: Eight x Eight Weekend Dance Workshop

Call to Dance Artists/Teachers (Tacoma, WA)
Deadline: Monday, July 16, 2012 (midnight)
Workshop Dates: Friday, August 24 — Sunday, August 26, 2012
Informal Showing: Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eight x Eight Weekend Dance Workshop
The Dancescapes Project, in partnership with Spaceworks Tacoma and The Barefoot Collective, invites dance teachers and emerging professionals to submit class and work proposals for our upcoming free community dance workshop, which will take place in downtown Tacoma.  Eight teachers and eight dance artists will be selected to teach a class and/or perform in our informal showing (eight classes, eight works). Dancescapes appreciates all forms of dance from contemporary modern and ballet to ballroom and B-boying. It is our goal to provide the community with a variety of classes, in order to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of dance.

To Apply
Please send a resume via email attachment to Dana Livermore at and follow the link below to fill out the online proposal form:

Dance Artists
Please send the following items as attachments to Dana Livermore at   One page (maximum) description of proposed work (duration, # of performers, genre, theme, special needs or space requirements, etc.)

  • One page (maximum) description of proposed work (duration, #of performers, genre, theme, special needs or space requirements)
  • CV/Resume, including phone number, email, and mailing address
  • Work Sample (via email attachment, YouTube, or website link)

Applicants may apply as a single artist or group.  Applicant must be 18 years or older.  Non-traditional or multi-media classes/works will be considered.  Dance film submissions and artists interested in exploring site-specific work in the downtown Tacoma area are also highly encouraged to apply.

If Selected
A stipend of $50 may be awarded to those applicants whose teaching proposals are accepted.  Dancescapes will be implementing a fundraiser via indiegogo online in an effort to compensate teachers for their time.

Participating teachers and performers are encouraged to take other workshop classes and attend the showing on Saturday evening.  This event is a great opportunity for dance professionals and enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest to make connections and build a sense of fellowship in our community.

For more information or further questions please visit or email Founder and Coordinator, Dana Livermore at

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