A Stitch in Time Saves Nine at THE DIALOG GALLERY

by theoystermangrove

(ROANOKE, VIRGINIA) A Stitch In Time Saves Nine, an assemblage/sculpture exhibit featuring self-taught artist, Page Turner, from Roanoke, Virginia will be on display at THE DIALOG GALLERY, ROANOKE, VIRGINIA, ON MAY 26, 2011. A one day reception is schedule for Thursday, May 26th 3pm -10pm.

Page Turner’s assemblage/sculptures were selected by Beth Venn, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art and Senior Curator of the department of American Art at The Newark Museum to be published in Studio Visit, Volume 13 of The Open Studios Press.

Page Turner’s A Stitch In Time Saves Nine series is hyper -nostalgic of the culture of her rural grandparents -children who grew up through The Great Depression. Paying respect, Turner turns these scraps back into sacred objects by building cultural totems- records of our past experiences and memories. Turner’s work focuses on a culture without waste- repurposing manufactured objects into consummate art forms.

Page Turner shares the magic in the hidden and lost, sacred spaces, and objects without owners. She sculpts primarily from found objects; as a medium- ephemera speaks to Page. The ordinary possessions that accompany someone through their life. The sacred and sentimental trinkets, personal objects, and fabrics – these objects resonate with the histories of lost sisters.

Turner seems to be fascinated by the idea of gender roles, especially the cultural mores of women seen through fashion, undergarments, relationships and sexual taboos. There is sincerity in Page Turner’s homage to the feminine. Yet the reverence is balanced by the presence of death- the ominous reminder to us all.

Studio Visit –Volume 13 Sugar Sack#1-©Page Turner Sugar Sack#2 -©Page Turner