An Excerpt from a Poem

by theoystermangrove

There are few who know or will tell you the location
of the submerged crucifix

beneath Little Traverse Bay

Christ sank
four fathoms deep in 1962
beneath the ice and stone
laid to rest alongside my future
penchant for exquisite corpses
bent towards the final crossing

I make the annual pilgrimage
across ice mid-winter determined

pay respects to Mother’s water-perished
son, utter no transparent words of prayer

I’m drowning under the weight

We are taught to toss Petoskey stones to the cross
light the wayward path

I cast mine, instead
to the November Witch
like bread upon the waters
for with townsfolk’s lips sealed
tenacious to the very last

how can the supplicant father, son, holy ghost
sacred marble relic so well-hidden

—in essence a heavy
lifeless thing

deliver the disembodied from oblivion?

For more information about the Petoskey, MI crucifix, please visit: