SUPPORT Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher/Renaissance Man: JAMES MORROW

by theoystermangrove

A very special colleague/contributor of the mangrove is touring this summer and needs your support to make it happen!

Tour Calendar:

May22: I hit the road on my Motorcycle and travel towards Nashville Tennessee

May 24: Lecture Demonstration of my newest version of 11 in Nashville, Tennessee

May 25: Set out for NorthHampton, Massechusettes

May 28: Teach Master Class in Urban Fusion

May 29: Teach Community Workshop in Urban Fusion

May 30: Teach Master Class in Urban Fusion

June 1/2: Perform 11 Spring Wide Open presented by Wire Monkey Dance

June 3: Set off for Montreal Canada

June 4-10: Work with Danielle Russo’s company for a performance at Jacob’s Pillow

June 11: Head for Chicago, IL

June 15: Set New Work on the Joel Hall Dancers

June 31: Head for Durham, NC

July 1-10: Set solo on Iowa Performer Amanda Hamp

July18-28: Participate in New Waves Festival in Trinidad

August 1: Perform with the Danielle Russo Dance Company at Jacob’s Pillow

August 2: Head back to Chicago

August 5-15: Teach workshop in Chicago, IL

Please see the link below for further details on how you can contribute! Best of luck James!