Messy Geographies

by theoystermangrove

What if all the lines upon all the maps

were to disappear?

The Great Lakes might rise, spill over,  and flood

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan.

The Mississippi River might change its course

and the Gulf of Mexico dry up with one giant squelch.

California might secede, finally fall into the Pacific

and Hollywood destroy itself with too many lies.

Maybe North Carolina and Washington state musicians

will unite and New York collapse upon itself.

The Mason Dixon line will shift to the Florida Keys

the North and South forget their differences.

Midwestern states will negotiate their reconciliation

become havens to the meek and weary.

Maine might join Canada once and for all and Nebraska

will be the number one vacation destination.

The Grand Canyon will remain, as ever, the same cavity it has worked

so hard to become; the buffalo to roam the Great Plains once more.

And maybe men and women will set each

other free from trivial expectations.

The problem is: lines will always be drawn

that we may know where we stand

that we may fold maps into eternity

that we may find our way from one state of being

to another in search of a place to call home

of another to call “my love.”

But, really, what if all the lines upon

all the maps were to disappear?

We’d begin anew with the promise

of a blank page, hoping

that the lines we draw

will connect rather than divide.